Conference Highlights from ALA Student-to-Staffer Stacey Flynn

Along with other  ALA Annual Conference  Student-to-Staffers, Stacy (in green blouse) enjoys a meal at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA  .

What could better than attending ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA? With its informative workshops, high-profile author events and networking opportunities, ALA Annual Conference is often the highlight of the year for those in the field.

What’s better than going to Annual? Well, I’ll tell what’s better – attending annual conference representing the iSchool’s Student Chapter of the ALA. I was thrilled and gratified to participate in the ALA funded Student-to-Staff program which allows 40 MLS students, one from each chapter, this opportunity in exchange for working in a “behind the scenes” roll.

As a Student-to-Staffer, I was assigned to Cognotes, the newsletter that is published and distributed daily during conference and covers all the major workshops and events. As a reporter, I was tasked with covering topics of interest to school libraries and received four bylines in the newsletter. Tight deadlines require an organized system, so it’s little wonder that librarians are behind the professional team that makes Cognotes happen.

Student-to-Staff Coordinator Don Wood of ALA, provided us with a dedicated Facebook page, timely correspondence and excellent opportunities to network with fellow MLS students in the program. From the start, we were told that we’d make connections that turn into lasting friendships and I have no doubt this will be so!

In short, I’d like to thank everyone at the iSchool ALA Student Chapter for this opportunity to participate in this valuable program and encourage other students to keep an eye out for the announcements next year.

Stacey Py Flynn


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  1. This sounds like a great experience.

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