MLS Students Learn to Lead Green!

Students and staff join together at the end of the Go Green! Sustainable Leadership workshop at UMCP.  Alisha and Melissa are in the front row, second and third from right.

School Library Media (SLM) student Melissa McDonald and incoming Master of Library Science (MLS) student Alisha Abrams participated in the full-day Lead Green! Sustainable Leadership workshop on July 21st as part of the Summer Leadership Series at  UMCP’s Stamp Union.  In this workshop, Melissa and Alisha learned a myriad of ways to make their leadership sustainable, not only by “going green” through recycling, reducing, and reusing,  but by considering the ways in which one’s leadership style affects the group as a whole, and whether you are mentoring those above, beside, and below you to continue your work whether you are away on business travel or vacation, or move on to another company or organization.  One’s leadership should transcend the project itself, and the best way to know it is sustainable is when ‘you’ are no longer the driving force – the team or the project itself is the driving force.   The workshop facilitator, Kristin Skarie, President and CEO of BetterTeams taught attendees how to “advance the knowledge, skills and competencies that create highly successful teams and leaders” through many “experiential activities and interactive content.”  Needless to say, there was a lot of great communication, fun games and activities, and  lots of laughter.   Melissa and Alisha both left the workshop full of ideas on how to best “plant a seed and make a difference” in their work and volunteer organizations.

Lead Green!  was the last in the Stamp Summer Leadership Series, and Melissa  had previously attended the StengthsQuest Leadership workshop on July 7th .   The takeaway from the StrengthsQuest workshop was that all people have strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to be able to identify them.  Great leaders are not perfect, but they do play on their strengths, and surround themselves with a team of people whose strengths are the leader’s weaknesses – thereby making a very strong and successful team overall.

Next summer, consider attending the Stamp Summer Leadership Series – it is definitely worth your time!

Melissa and Alisha, along with Katie Rapp, are the executive board members for ALA@ UMD.  For information about membership, please click here.


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