Spotlight on iSchool Faculty: Beth St. Jean, Ph.D.

Beth St. Jean is an Assistant Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland and a Senior Research Fellow with iPAC (Information Policy & Access Center). Her research interests include several areas within information behavior: consumer health information behavior, relevance and credibility, open access and institutional repositories, and information literacy.  Her recently completed dissertation research entailed a longitudinal investigation into how people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes learn about this condition, what factors motivate them and what factors impede them in this process, and how the ways in which they look for, evaluate, and make use of diabetes-related information change as their health condition and related information behavior evolve.  Beth holds an A.B. in Mathematics from Smith College, as well as a Master of Science in Information (Library and Information Services specialization) and a Ph.D. in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information.  Beth and her partner have two wonderful cats,  Pudding and Noni. Beth’s hobbies include shortwave listening and collecting antique radios and radio atlases. Beth will teach her first class on the Shady Grove campus this fall.  For more information about Professor Beth St. Jean and her work, please click here .


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