Grow Your Garden Program with Inspiration from Books!

     Come join our workshop on Monday, October 1st – 4-5:30 pm at Camille Kendall Academic Center (Building III, Room 2225) on the Universities at Shady Grove campus in Rockville.

    Launch into the 21st Century with cutting edge print and online resources to develop programs and lessons for immersing kids in gardening. Find inspiration in the most obvious place – books!

     Come discover ways to use books as a foundation to create a fun environment, generate programs and integrate curriculum for K – 12.  Led by University of Maryland Alumna (and Master Gardener) Pam Hosimer, she will lead attendees in a garden activity, explore 21st Century options for non-traditional print and online resources then practice making lessons using our new skills. Lots of handouts!

     Are you looking for sources of inspiration to develop programs and lessons to immerse children and youth in gardening? In today’s online world we often forget that books have been the go-to resource for centuries! We’ll explore how to take almost any book and use it as inspiration to create a gardening program. Then we’ll discuss how to use this material as a foundation to develop a theme or to bridge into curriculum based lessons in history, science, math, reading, technology and more. The “Jack/Kate and the Beanstalk” program & activity will be demonstrated and you’ll get a chance to make your own version of this craft. Learn how this activity inspired the creation of a one hour program, and then the development of a one week program for camps. We’ll dig into the amazing range of print and online resources that are available to use if you know where to start looking. Working together, small groups will try their hand at creating an original lesson plan by using inspiration from the workshop books and resources. We will have a sharing session of these ideas to end the workshop. Resource hand-outs and worksheets will be provided.

Pam Hosimer Bee and Flower is a 2012 graduate from University of Maryland College Park in the Master of Library and Information Science program prepared to be an information specialist in agricultural and environmental education.  She is an experienced University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener currently developing the Grow It! Eat It! for KIDS program, designed in conjunction with the new Grow It! Eat It! initiative for adult gardeners in the state of Maryland.  With sixteen years of experience volunteering for non-profit organizations she has created and managed programming for kids grades K – 12, including summer camps, extensive travel and international experiences.  A popular speaker talking about using books to inspire kids garden programs, she has spoken at the American Horticultural Society’s 2012 National Children & Youth Garden Symposium in College Park, Maryland, the 2012 Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education Conference in Ocean City, Maryland and the 2011 International Master Gardener Conference in Charleston, West Virginia.


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